It's time to look at your health from a different perspective. 

Our approach to health combines your personal genetics with the latest nutri-genetrics research.

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We are passionate about helping you make proactive choices to experience your full health potential.

What would you do with abundant energy?

We provide health coaching based on knowledge of your personal genetics.

The plan we provide for your health is designed to be uniquely effective for you.

Have you ever thought...

"I want my family to be healthier than I am"

"My grandmother died too young, I want a better chance"

"I feel good now, how can I stay that way in a toxic world"

"I'm not living longer, I'm dying longer"

"I've been dieting for months and nothing has changed"

"I have no sex drive"

"I don't have the energy to do the things that I want to do!"

 Did you know?

Genetics affects weight loss, mental clarity and hormones?
The health of your gut determines the health of your body?
Nutrition and movement define your energy levels?
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What we do

Nutrient therapy coaching with your genetics in mind
Release energy by opening detox pathways
Education to reduce inflammation
Treat root causes of hormone imbalances

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We have been lifelong friends and have both worked in the health field for a majority of our careers. Three years ago we teamed up to bring Health Advantage to life.

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We offer personalized health coaching with proactive steps to help you think more clearly, have more energy and ultimately produce better work by making preventative health choices.

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