Module 1: Turn On Generational Health with Detox, Targeted Nutrition, and Blood Sugar Control!

Welcome to Module 1

Already Enrolled? Returning students click here to log in! This is the first of our 6 Module LifeStyle Transformation Online Program. Bo and I are so happy that you are choosing to proactively keep your health and that of your family and generations … or just get more healthy. We’ve been asked why we are doing this education, action, results format?

What is our Motivation?

We do this because we believe  people need information that will protect and propel them into building the life of their dreams and leaving a world-changing legacy through their generations. These action concepts that have turned to habit for us are non negotiable foundational keys of our energetic, active and fun-loving lifestyles. We want you to share in that. It’s way easier to be proactive and keep something from getting broken then to fix something that is broken. It’s cheaper to do regular oil changes and maintenance on our cars rather than run them into the ground and then expect a quick fix at the mechanics to get them working again. Not going to happen!!- without lots of wasted time, money and possibly missed opportunities because of a broken down car. This lifestyle transformation is a culmination of years of our research and education in the health world to keep us not only maintained but growing, feeling better and better and aging well. It used to be that you could live a decent life from about 40-years-old on and live a long time. Now we need to live intentionally and mindfully beginning very early in life to keep the toxins from piling up. It’s not scary, it’s motivating. If we have  an active and mindful lifestyle, and we feel good, (for me it means no aches and pains, strength and flexibility, clear brain, proactive relationships), we can be inspiring and creative! We can have a huge mission and vision for our lives!! We can attract the mate of our dreams.  We can play with and enjoy our kids and grand kids. We can keep on learning; reading books and truly retaining life giving information. We can demonstrate all of this for our family and generations. We can live and make intelligent decisions  with our legacies in mind. When it comes to our health legacy, who do we believe for how to live our lives?

Good personalized lifestyle medicine works when we put it into action!

It re-energizes and encompasses every area of our lives and it’s not just a quick fix pill. Good personalized lifestyle medicine works when we put in the action!  The result is that the body heals itself and fights off disease processes. Therefore we believe in the active philosophy of  Education-Action-Results. It’s our motivated goal to connect you to education and action steps  that can help you make proactive health choices so you reach your full health potential. This is for yourself, your family and your generations. Those are the results we expect as you embrace these concepts. Don’t take our word for it though.  Research these things for yourself. These concepts have clearly made our existence and many of our client’s lives so full of life and energy. We wish that for you too. But it takes action to see results! Action comes from buy-in. If you do  nothing, nothing will happen! With these modules we are embedding action steps and a daily protocol so eventually living out these health concepts can become second nature for you. You start down the path to get education and then you add buy-in and action. After doing these things for a while, then you see results. These concepts are becoming daily habits for Bo and me as we take action on things we know keep us growing and heal us. It takes time and consistency, but it’s worth it. We invite you to join us in this journey!:)

Course Information

Estimated Time: 7 days


Course Instructors

Shelley Gienger Shelley Gienger Author
Belinda Wilkinson Belinda Wilkinson Author

New Year, New You!


It’s a new year and you’re ready to dive in to healthful living. We believe it will be worth both your time and money! Your health is worth it!


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    How do I access Module 2? Not finding it… Thanks!

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      Hi Lisa,
      Module 2 isn’t available yet, but it’s in-progress! We’ll be sure to let you know once it is available.

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