Our Services

In-Person Coaching

We offer proactive healing and health coaching in a private setting. Learn how to create lifelong health for yourself and your family. Understand how your genes and your environment may be affecting your health. We love making health a family affair so the your kids can take this knowledge to the next generation!  Schedule your one-on-one session with Bo or Shelley today!

Business & Family Coaching

We offer group integrative/holistic health training and coaching for businesses and families. We will work with you to design your proactive health program and customize it for your needs. Your employees and family will be given the tools to think proactively  about their daily choices for optimal energy, focus, and harmony!

Remote Coaching

For distance clients we offer remote sessions via video chat or FaceTime helping you upgrade your health from the comfort of your own home. Set the direction of your health with intention and stay healthy!

Send us a note letting us know what means of communication you are most comfortable with and lets get started!



"Oh my gosh!  I have completely stopped experiencing weight gain and have held a healthy weight despite increased stress."


“I’m 63. As a result of following Shelley and Bo’s teaching I feel much younger than I did 10 years ago. I sleep better. I’m finally losing weight. Aches and pains are minimal. I have the tools to make my senior years the best.”


"Shelley and Bo’s workshops are incredibly life changing! I feel blessed that we crossed paths at a time when I felt traditional medicine left me with unanswered questions. Their experience and perspective on genetics and the link to wellness gave me the confidence to take charge of my family's health. Their friendly approach can help anyone understand the root cause of illness and holistically optimize wellbeing! I live a better quality of life because of the information and guidance they provide. I'm equipped to continuously improve my health and the health of my entire family. It just make sense! "