Intentionally Toxin ‘Less’

We talk a lot on this page about what we eat and drink to stay healthy. Today, I ask you to think about what are you breathing? What is going on your skin?

Case in point. My daughter Lachelle O’Connell has done quite a study and has become an expert in what are toxic vs. non-toxic personal care and household cleaning products. Just listening to her talk is inspiring.

It began when she was studying information for her non-toxic, essential oil, 100% soy candles.

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After years of burning toxic paraffin wax candles and filling our air with a crude oil byproduct😳, I’m a believer in the research and green/cleanness of her product. And I notice a difference in my energy with the natural essential oils and less toxins I’m breathing!

Lachelle also turned us on to the ‘Think Dirty’ app for personal care items. I loved the app form for a quick check on personal care items I had.

I was quite shocked at the toxins in many of my so-called ‘natural’ skincare and hair products. Including my makeup that goes right next avenues though my skin; my eyes and mouth. Just gross!!

I was spending good money for a natural hair gel…and it’s at the top of the toxic list. I can’t believe it!! Really?!!

Anyway, from there, I’ve been looking for more help so I can be intentional about what products we buy and how they affect our bodies. I thought I would share this website on more helpful apps.

Our health will stay great if we live intentionally:)) And if you need ideas for feeling great again, let Bo Wilkinson and me know. Happy intentional living!:))

Check out 8 mobile apps that will help you identify toxins in household products


  1. Winford Dezayas on March 14, 2019 at 2:39 am

    some really interesting points you have written.

    • Shelley Gienger on March 14, 2019 at 10:06 am

      Thank you! More in the works. These concepts aren’t talked about much. And we want people to know how to live well in our world.

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