You can’t green smoothie and kale salad your way out of a life you’re not loving!

Tell the truth and upgrade, because you can’t green smoothie and kale salad your way out of a life you’re not loving!

We don’t need to create a “new” you – we need to bring YOU into balance to be your happiest and healthiest self.

Ask yourself, “Where do I need to tell the truth and what can I upgrade?”. “What will I do to tend my soul and fall in love with my life and my body?”

Keep it simple and take a deep breath. This lesson is about slowing down and telling the truth, making choices from love rather than guilt or obligation, strengthening the relationship with yourself and bucking the self-imposed status quo.

What is the one upgrade you believe is important in your life right now? Next week or next month might be completely different and that IS the point. Growth and change are what keep us healthy and strong so ENJOY this process…

3 Action Steps;

Take time to look through these “soul tending” questions and pick one that resonates with you.
All positive change begins with telling yourself the truth, what is your truth?

What habit, self-talk, lifestyle choice is not working anymore?
What do you keep giving into that is safe and familiar rather than upgrade and make the change you know you need to make?
What are the top five priorities worthy of your time and attention? What makes them worthy?
What do you need to release from your life in order to make space for priorities that matter now? What would you let go of if you knew you could do so without negative consequences?
How will you tend your inner life?
What’s great about your life right now? Where do you find meaning or feel a sense of purpose? Who are you grateful for and why?
What are the simple pleasures that give you a deep sense of joy and satisfaction?

Plan a date with yourself as you brainstorm which areas in your life need attention now. Somewhere peaceful where you can sit in silence long enough to answer questions honestly, what change or upgrade do you really, really, want and quite possibly need?

Call or meet up with that person in your life that “gets you” and talk about this lesson, have fun. See what they think of the mantra, “You can’t green smoothie and kale salad your way out of a life you’re not loving”!

Cheers to a HEALthy YOU!

Bo & Shelley

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